Your immune system is what protects you from infections (including Covid-19); it is your body’s “Armed Forces” and its defense system.

A successful immune defense against an invading microbe requires a highly complex, intricate and precisely coordinated communications between all the components of the immune system. The main components of the immune system that execute this function are the immune cells (white blood cells). They include:

Killer Cells, which search, recognize and engage microbes directly; and kill them.

Plasma cells, which make antibodies. These are like custom-made smart bombs that search, attack and destroy specific types of microbes.  

Your Immune System

Cytokines, which are like signaling messengers or hormones. These coordinate the immune response against an invading microbe, cancer or dead tissues. Cytokines serve both to stimulate and turn off the immune cells.

To power up and maintain this fine orchestration of the immune system, Vitamins, minerals and other immune regulators are essential fuels. The most important of all is VITAMIN D, which also serve as the prime regulator of the immune response. That is when to start it, how to direct it, how long to maintain it, at what intensity and when to shut it down and when to begin the repair of tissue damage and restoration of health.

During an acute infection, the body gets rapidly depleted of these nutrients and needs a constant supply of fresh nutrients. Without this supply the immune defense is overwhelmed and the infection rapidly takes over. Just like a military deployment, who runs out of supplies and command structure, this is what an over run immune system is like. The infection can quickly take over and death rapidly ensures.

This is what happens in a pandemic, where the infection is relentless and keeps changing (mutating), continually straining the immune system. Your immune system becomes depleted of its vital nutrients, especially Vitamin D.

CO-VIT D+ 10 is here to provide you with high doses of Vitamin D, with its arsenal of all the other vitamins, most of the minerals and three potent immune blasters; providing all the ammunition and supplies for you immune system to work at its best.


Your immune system, is a vital part of your body. It is your body’s defense against microbial invasions which can lead to serious infections and death; such as Covid-19. Your immune system must always be strong, healthy and at the ready to adequately respond to an infection.

A good Immune Response not only eliminates a microbial invasion, but also winds down in a timely manner and does not destroy normal tissues and kill you in the process; again, as happens in Covid-19.

In diseased conditions, an unregulated immune reaction occurs, instead of the well balanced healthy Immune Response. It becomes excessive, uncontrolled and starts destroying your own body. It explodes into a huge unquenchable ball of fire. A healthy Immune Response is like a well-controlled flame of a welding torch. An out of controlled immune reaction would be like a sudden explosion of the welder’s fuel tank.

When your own immune system starts attacking you in this manner, it is called an autoimmune reaction or disease. Autoimmune diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and a whole host of others. In Covid-19 infection, an autoimmune response in the lungs takes a special form, called the “cytokine storm”. And this can be deadly; the virus itself does not directly not kill you. It is the reckless, chaotic and overtly excessive uncontrolled immune reaction (cytokine storm) that kills you.

We do not exactly know how and why this cytokine storm happens. But we do know that this cytokine storm is associated with low blood levels of Vitamin D. And it is becoming increasingly more evident that Vitamin D is one of the principle natural nutrients and immune regulators, which can effectively prevent this cytokine storm from happening. So not only does Vitamin D stimulate the immune response, it also prevents it from getting out of control. It is indeed like the aircraft carrier that coordinates all the activities of the whole arsenal (see Your Immune System – like a Fleet of Naval BattleShips)

Vaccines work through the immune system. It is the immune system that kills the virus, not the vaccine. The vaccine acts like a fake, harmless microbe, or decoy, that triggers the immune system to produce an immune response and gets it ready to launch a full-blown assault on any future microbial invasion.

An effective vaccine is contingent on a strong and responsive Immune System!

Here is what a strong and healthy immune system will do for you:

You will get the maximum response to the vaccine, and your immune system will deliver the maximum BLAST to the virus.

You are able rev up your natural immune defense (which is not dependent on the vaccine) to the maximum and give yourself the best chance of containing the virus, if you are not yet vaccinated or if you are in between booster shots. Breakthrough infections are more likely to occur in between booster shots, when your vaccine immunity wanes. Until the next wave of vaccine boosters arrives, you may be vulnerable to a virus attack. A strong natural Immunity minimizes that risk.

You are able to regulate and streamline this fiery immune response so that it kills only the viruses and other infection, but leave your normal tissues, such as your lung (and the rest of you), intact. A well-regulated immune response, is able to shoot with precision of a laser and shut itself down in a timely manner.

Vitamin D has the remarkable property of controlling all types of immune cells, both up-regulating and down-regulating them (20, 21, 22).

Vitamin D, together with magnesium, is known to reduce cytokine storm and therefore helps in the control of Covid-19 infections (23, 24, 25).

There is an inverse relationship between Vitamin D status and the risk of Covid-19 infection and its complications (13, 15).

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with increased risk of auto-immune diseases and Vitamin D supplementation can improve autoimmune diseases. (26, 27, 28, 29).

Vitamin D, also known as “the sunshine vitamin,” is made in the skin by the effect of UV light from sunshine. It is most popularly known to be good for promoting healthy bones. What is less well known is that Vitamin D affects all the vital systems of the body. This is especially so for the immune system. Vitamin D affects all the cells of the immune system, sometimes Upregulating them and sometimes Downregulating them, as needed. By having such a profound effect on the immune system, it is not surprising that Vitamin D has had a very important role in the treatment of infectious diseases, even before the age of antibiotics.

For example, since the late 1800s, cod liver oil, rich in Vitamin D (as well as Vitamin A), was used to treat tuberculosis (8, 31).

In 1903, Danish physician and scientist, Dr. Niels Rydberg Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize for using a specialized lamp to produce ultraviolet light (thus mimicking sunshine skin synthesis of Vitamin D) to treat skin tuberculosis (Lupus Vulgaris (32).

More recently, Vitamin D has been shown to prevent upper respiratory tract infections (33, 34) and even to reduce incidence of asthma (35). Vitamin D deficiency has also been shown to be a risk factor for urinary tract infections in women of age and in many autoimmune diseases (36). Further, Vitamin D has successfully been used to treat autoimmune diseases (53, 54).

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, there has been increasing evidence to support the vital role of Vitamin D in combating the Covid-19 infection, and even reduce the severity of the disease and mortality rates (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15). There also have been some studies supporting the use of the activate forms of Vitamin D (25 hydroxy Vitamin D and 1, 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D) to treat acute and severe COVID-19 infections, with dramatic results (37, 38, 39).

The essential findings of these research can be summarized as:

Covid-19 and its complications occur primarily in individuals with low blood levels of Vitamin D, 30 ng/ml or lower.

The incidence of Covid-19 and its complications is inversely proportional to the Vitamin D status (blood level of Vitamin D). That is, the lower the Vitamin D status, the greater the likelihood is of contracting the disease. Conversely, the higher the blood level of Vitamin D, the less likely the likelihood is of contracting the Covid-19 infection and suffering its complications, including death.

In one of these studies, there are virtually no death from Covid-19 in individuals whose blood level of Vitamin D are 50 ng/ml or above (15).

Covid-19 infections and resulting complications occur more frequently and with increased severity, in people with melanin rich skin (i.e., people of color) (40, 41). Such individuals tend to have lower blood levels Vitamin D, because the pigmentation of the skin blocks UV light and decreases the production of Vitamin D in the skin. Likewise, the incidence of Covid-19 is higher in geographic areas of higher northern latitudes because of decreased UV light exposure from the sun. Furthermore, older individuals become less efficient in synthesizing Vitamin D in the skin by UV light; resulting in their increased risk of Covid-19 infection.

A limited number of research studies have supported the dramatic effectiveness of activated Vitamin D in the treatment of severe Covid-19 infections (37, 38, 39).

It is now clearly evident, that the Covid-19 pandemic is, at the very least and possibly to a significant extent, being perpetuated by a global Vitamin D deficiency.

Aircraft carrier: Vitamin D

Fighter planes: Immune Cells

Support Ships: Other Vitamins, Minerals and Immune boosters

The flagship of the fleet is the aircraft carrier. It carries all the fighter planes, coordinates their launching, navigation, attacks and their winding down and safe landing. The carrier also serves to recharge the fighter planes and send them off to battle repeatedly. The aircraft carrier is surrounded by many support ships, that are essential for the carrier to perform adequately.

Likewise, an effective immune defense involves a well-coordinated communication between all the immune cells. And Vitamin D does just that; supported by the other Vitamins, minerals and immune boosters. In addition, Vitamin D makes sure that the immune response winds down in a timely manner, and prevent an otherwise out of control chaotic outburst of explosive immune “fire” (inflammation), destroying the body, in the process. This would be like all the fighter planes starting to shoot at the carrier and the other battleships; and crash landing on the carrier. In the Covid-19 infection, this is exactly what happens in fatal cases. It is called a cytokine storm and it destroys the lungs; death ensures.

Just like the naval defense is only as powerful as its carrier and the other ships, your immune defense is only as powerful as the reserve Vitamin D and its support nutrients you have in your body. In an acute infection, this supply can be rapidly depleted; and if you are already low to begin with, especially in Vitamin D, your chances of making it goes down rapidly.

But how do you make sure you sure you always have enough on board, without having to take more than 25 pills a day, with a cabinet and fridge full of supplement bottles and having to spend around $150.00 a month?

By Taking CO-VIT D+ 10


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